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Cheap Hummers

Maybe you are one of all the people that are dreaming about their own Hummer and some people fulfil that dream by buying a cheap surplus Hummer from the military: A surplus Hummer is considerably cheaper than buying a Hummer H1 from a dealer but is still not to be considered cheap. A military Hummer is usually sold for in between 19-30 000$ which is only a fraction of the store price. This price will however not give you a fully functional Hummer for every day use.

Used Hummers will never be sold by the military as they are not considered street legal as they do not pass the DOT standards. You can therefore officially never buy a used Hummer from the armed forces in the USA, they are sold as scrap. However every once in a while they get a surplus of Hummers which are sold to the public, or more truthfully. They are sold to other agencies, charitable organizations and local governments and than down the line to private individuals. These Hummers are street legal. The organization responsible for selling out the surplus Hummers are The Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service which sells them to different bodies that are include on their buyer list. The above is true in the USA but a number of other nations armed forces also sell surplus Hummers that makes it possible for an individually to get their hands on cheap Hummers.

There are a number of different companies that sell military surplus hummers available on the internet. Some companies have bought this cars from other organizations and agencies while other get their by trading goods whit the military and getting surplus Hummers in return for their goods. The Government never sell hummers directly to the public to safety reasons. There is always a middle man such as a company or an organisation. It can this time sometimes be hard to get hold of a car that hasn’t been reconstructed for higher safety etc before being sold to the public. This is because the company who sells them usually upgrades them with newer and better parts before selling them so that they can charge a higher price. Not all sales of this type is legal and you should therefore make sure that the car you are considering buying has a SF97 form for it. This is a form that proves that the car has been officially sold as a surplus vehicle by the United States Government Certificate. This form is necessary for allowing you to owning a surplus Hummer.

The military version of this car is designed more for the terrain and use in the field not on the road. This means that some work has to be done before it is a suitable private car. One of example of this is that most of them leak water which isn’t a good quality in a personal vehicle. There is also very little road comfort in a surplus hummer but the commercial version of the hummer H1 is on the other hand not known for its good road comfort either. IF you by a surplus military car you might also find that it makes a little more noise than the commercial version.

You might be able to find a used Hummer H1 for the cost of a surplus car plus “necessary” modifications. The used car would however most likely be older than the surplus car. There are a number of other options available for you if you want a hummer on a “limited” budget such s buying an Hummer H2 which cost roughly the same new as a military surplus car will cost you plus modifications, or a new Hummer H3 that can be yours for around 30 000$ and are much more road and family friendly.

Read more about how and where you can buy a military Hummer. By visitng the site you will also find direct links to companies which sell cheap surplus Hummers. I also recommend you read more about hummer 3 if you are looking for a cheap Hummer.

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