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Asset Recovery Turns Used Networking Equipment Into a Strategic Corporate Advantage

In today's fast-paced business environment, change is the only constant. The continual need to upgrade network infrastructure to keep pace with technological advancements, as well as support organizational expansions, mergers, acquisitions, relocations or downsizing, has created a surplus of outdated or un-needed used networking equipment from brands like Cisco, Foundry, and Redback.

This used networking equipment traditionally has been overlooked and undervalued, even though much of it works like new and still has value. For business-savvy CIOs and IT managers, the ability to sell this unwanted yet viable used networking equipment yields new revenue streams and eliminates costly storage fees while producing much-needed funds for network upgrades and other strategic corporate initiatives.

While the opportunity to offset capital expenditures by offloading used networking equipment is a compelling proposition, it is not without some risks. Dumping gear on eBay and other auction sites presents a series of challenges and hassles; it can take an inordinate amount of time, resources and supervision. A much more appealing alternative is to work with a proven asset recovery provider that specializes in used equipment. Leading companies in this space are eager to add high quality, re-marketable gear to their inventories because they serve a global customer base that is continually searching for used equipment including routers, switches, access servers and IP telephony products.

To assist organizations in recouping the maximum value for their surplus goods, leading providers of used networking equipment now offer expanded asset recovery programs. The secondary networking equipment market provides a fast, efficient approach for recovering investments in surplus technology assets along with a variety of support services to streamline the entire asset recovery process. Used equipment trade-in and consignment programs as well as "like value" asset exchanges typically are available.

Comprehensive used networking equipment recovery programs feature specialists with a high level of Cisco expertise who expedite the entire process, providing experience in assessing the value and condition of used gear as well as making sure all bases are covered when uninstalling, packing and shipping equipment. Most top liquidators can provide a highly responsive and thorough on-site inspection and assessment evaluation, resulting in a quote-in writing-in no more than 24 hours.

Funds realized from asset recovery also can empower upgrades to newer Cisco equipment. The monetary difference realized between taking a total loss on older gear and receiving trade-in credit on used equipment from a secondary market player has enabled much-needed network improvements for even the most constrained budget.

By receiving top dollar for excess or depreciated Cisco assets, companies can improve their networks on a minimal budget while also funding other corporate initiatives. For example, newfound cash can be applied outside the IT realm, perhaps for procuring office furniture and supplies. The bottom line is asset recovery services turn used networking equipment languishing on a shelf into funds that can boost revenues, fuel new projects or cover unforeseen expenses.

Lauren L. Stevens is a professional writer specializing in computer networking technology. She often recommends her clients select used or refurbished cisco routers and used or refurbished cisco switches instead of paying full price for new computer networking equipment.

Source: www.articlesbase.com