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Addiction Recovery Tip 8 - Home Improvement

Home improvement doesn't just mean improving your house. The analogy relates directly to your own life in recovery. When you are in recovery from addiction, you are making improvements to your mind, body and spirit. If you don't tune your mind, body and spirit on a daily basis you may jeapordize your recovery journey. Let's examine this analogy together.

One of the things that a recovering addict may overlook in the course of their recover are small details like methodologies to manage cravings, control triggers and in building a support system. Obviously, if you overlook these details you may relapse. Think about how you might relate this to our analogy.

For example, if you wanted to paint a room in your house and you forgot the paint, the room wouldn't look new again, right? No, it wouldn't. So don't forget what addiction recovery means. When you get educated about recovery from addiction, it isn't just words and instructions in your head. Recovery from addiction is an art form that you must execute on a daily basis. It's no different from applying paint on the walls of your house to make it look new again.

Remember, you CAN and WILL recover if you train yourself in applying the techniques of recovery on a daily basis. It's all about application and not just observation. If you are dedicated to getting into recovery, you must walk the walk and not just talk the talk. There's always something you can do to improve your recovery process. What can you do right now? Stop reading and start doing.

Dusty Lindemann writes for SOBRIETY TV at http://www.sobriety.tv
If you or someone you love is suffering from addiction, please visit this website to learn about recovery and what you can do to stay clean and sober.

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