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Paradise Found? The Atlantis Bahamas Resort

This isn't much of a secret, as thousands of happy vacationers already know it -- the Atlantis Bahamas resort is paradise found. Located on Paradise Island in the Bahamas near Nassau, the Atlantis Resort Bahamas is a legendary resort hotel. Suitable for families, couples and singles, this lavish property boasts waterfalls, lagoons and streams, as well as amazing aquariums filled with sea creatures of all shapes and descriptions.

The white sand beaches attract a variety of visitors, but there are a multitude of other activities as well. Waterslides, swimming pools, playgrounds, a lazy river to float along and a kiddie pool with all the bells and whistles are just the beginning.

Can you imagine sliding down from a 5-story Mayan Temple in a 60 foot vertical drop, only to splash down inside a clear tunnel inside a shark-filled lagoon? How about taking your children to play in the Ripples Kiddie Pool, where they can play on waterslides, in waterfalls, and lots of other fun activities. Parents can happily lounge alongside, relaxing as the kids have fun.

For parents traveling with babies, a gentle travel kit is available, providing a special night light, lullabies and more items selected to make your baby as comfortable as possible.

The Atlantis Bahamas Resort is very large. You'll want a map to study so you know where everything is located. If you're in a large family or group, you may opt to stay in the Harborside Villas, which can give you the ability to stay together. Frequent shuttles run between the Villas and the actual Resort, although you can walk if you prefer. The Villas are only about a ten minute walk from the Resort.

As if that weren't enough, the Atlantis Bahamas has expanded. In 2007, upscale towers were added to the resort, and the water park has been enlarged even further. Food is available at the Resort attractions, or you can bring your own snacks.

As with any vacation, plan appropriately so you can get the most out of your time. You'll want to have as much fun with as little stress as possible. With a little preparation, you will have the vacation of your dreams at the Atlantis Bahamas Resort.

Learn more about Atlantis Bahamas at http://atlantis-bahamas-guide.com, and find travel and other information including Bahamas maps.

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