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What if General Motors Files Bankruptcy?

What if what is good for America files bankruptcy? Does that mean the United States of America is next? After all as they say; “What is good for America is good for America?” What will happen if General Motors lays off 20,000 people? What if General Motors finds its self liable for all Delphi’s loses and pension obligations?

What if the Foreign Automakers gain more ground in market share in the forth quarter of 2005 and the first and second quarters of 2006? What if Ford’s response to General Motors sets off a huge price war in the industry wiping out all of General Motors retained earnings?

What if the recent announcement by Daimler Chrysler to buy gasoline after you buy your car and pay for free regular maintenance is matched by Ford and General Motors on top of the price cuts to regain market share? What if General Motor’s cash in the bank dwindles after US Automakers tell everyone to buy American and then have a bloody bath knock out drag out price war?

What if General Motors dumps its GMAC financing arm and what if it loses even more of its market cap and stock value over the next four quarters? What if the Federal Government and Democratic Senators step on behalf of the Union Workers to guarantee their pension contribution dollars?

What if General Motors files bankruptcy and the rumors are true that the CEO of GM has already met with Bankruptcy Attorneys this week? What if. . .what if it happens? Think on this.

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