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Atlantic City Casinos

Atlantic City is a very famous US resort well known for its cool climate and its famed Boardwalk. It is also well known as a fun resort area where casinos are a thriving sporting activity. Gambling is legalized in Atlantic City and casino resorts overflow with thousands of visitors interested in gambling.

Atlantic City originally had one casino. But an overwhelming public support for local gambling attracted both high and low operators from Delaware, New York and Pennsylvania. As tourists poured into the city, legislation was passed that allowed hotels with a 500-room minimum to also operate casinos. This afforded more jobs for locals and supported the construction of hotel/casinos.

There are now over a dozen casinos and hotels spread along the boardwalk and marina areas of the city. Each casino is comparable in that they make available a wide assortment of gaming tables and slot machines.

Casinos are in great demand among tourists flocking to the calm and cool Atlantic City resort areas. It is an added tourist attraction and is a common gaming activity pursued by thousands of tourists and visitors. One of the most famous casinos is the Bally’s Grand located on Boston and Pacific Avenues. It is on the casino strip and is housed in the Hilton Hotel. The beautiful Italian marble, beveled glass, murals and elaborate paintings have labeled this casino the classiest in town. It is housed in 60,000 square feet of casino slots and games, along with a restaurant, salon, spa and other hotel amenities.

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