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Media Asset Management

In the media industry, images and media files are considered to be assets since most of these are copyrighted and are exclusively owned by the companies themselves. Nowadays, most of the images are stored as media files and are protected and secured by companies which add to their assets.

Keeping track of all media files can be quite tedious for media companies, which is why media asset management remains a strong option to help companies manage their media assets. There are a number of firms who offer media asset management, and though the offer valuable service, usually result to the use of media asset management tools that can be bought, leased or even acquired for free.

Media asset management allows companies with media assets to view, organize, search, and process all media files in a convenient and organized manner. Media files such as images, movie clips, fonts, RAW images and sounds are some of the media assets that are supported by almost all media asset management software available.

Media asset management allows clients to view media files in a number of ways, also including information about the media files being viewed. This feature enables clients to keep track of the media files that they wish to keep, and also makes it easier for them to search for and eventually edit then use their media files. In the cutthroat media industry, finding the media files that one needs quickly is crucial. Media asset management organizes all media files which make it easy for users to find and access the files that they need.

Media asset management also recognizes the importance of protecting media files, especially since these are often irreplaceable. Media asset management systems make it easy for users to protect their media files by providing password protection that may enable users to publicly display their media files without worrying about these files being messed up or "stolen."

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