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IT Asset Protection And Management

Information technology is an important part of current business trends. In fact, there are entire businesses built solely for the purpose of IT services. Presently, information technology is considered as one of assets of a company. Given this nature, a company's IT processes are in need of protection and proper management. TekMethod's Lori Sechio shares some interesting tips on asset management and protection.

TekMethod's expert also reminds companies and businesses to outline the goals behind the management of assets. Whether it is for asset protection, recovery, tracking, or everything, it is important to set the objectives before getting IT people to start the project. Without clear definition of the expectations about the IT project, it is likely that the project will turn out to be unsatisfactory. Besides, the success of projects are based on satisfying its basic goals.

Sechio asserts the importance of getting the support of the senior management. Frankly, this is a no-brainer because every project needs funds and the source of the funds are the higher-ups. Another thing, information technology asset management crosses organizational limitations. Getting the nod of the superiors shows respect and ensures a smooth-sailing project. No boss wants his employees sneaking behind his back with an experiment that can blow up his investments. It is also essential that overseers of the project get qualified professionals to implement and establish the project. This is the other key to success (if you're wondering what's the other one, it's funding). Getting half-baked people to do the job endangers data accuracy and staggers system development. Instead of improving the company's information technology processes, unqualified IT person might jeopardize both the money and effort spent on the ITAM project.

It is important to take small steps in managing IT processes. ITAM project is not the right time to advance in great leaps and bounds. It is not wise to develop an entire ITAM system in one go. Information technology is a rapidly evolving concept; technologies and software that are touted as breakthrough today, might be old news the next. This means that no matter how elaborate your ITAM system is, there is a possibility that it will be decoded or infiltrated the next day. Of course, this undoes every effort and cent spent. It is advised to start with a small asset tracking and management system as the basic components of the system. It is easier to add and update than to rebuild a whole system.

Another advise from Sechio is not to scrimp on the types of hardware and software used in ITAM projects. Don't think that this is contrary to her last advice. Do a simple ITAM system but use quality software and hardware. This saves the company lots of updating and replacement trouble. Quality guarantees superb asset recovery and tracking functions. Even if somebody did succeed in infiltrating your systems, your assets can be easily recovered and secured.

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