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Data Recovery Services

Computer crashes are not an unknown phenomenon. They happen to every computer user at some point of time. To this end, now there are data recovery services available where each player in this market strives to do one better than the other in terms of services, maintenance contracts and other related aspects.

There are a lot of professional agencies who specialize in data recovery. VOGON is one such company which helps enterprises recover almost all its data and their software engineers have effective methods by which to do their job. They are into recovery, conversion and forensics.

DTI Data is another organization that promises excellent results on recovery of lost data. It assures clients of competitive prices and solutions to a large variety of problems.

24-hour Data Recovery Systems is yet another company which claims a high success rate and touts its over-20 years’ of experience in data recovery. Drive Solution Inc. claims to have the largest inventory of the various parts required in the event of physical damage. The company claims to be able to fix almost every problem known to the computer world. Burnt, wet, broken - they are confident they can fix anything that is even remotely salvageable. At a great price, too!

Eco Recovery is yet another player in this field, promising quick, efficient and reliable service, too. Their specialty is data loss due to electricity cuts, power surges, fires, floods, lightning strikes, viruses, sabotage, material failure and human error.

There are some basic points to keep in mind if you ever encounter a system crash problem. First, stop all functions, do not reformat or defragment the drive and keep it away from humid conditions. The next step is to call in for some professional help. Thanks to the march of technology, you might just not lose any data at all!

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