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Asset Recovery

Asset recovery refers to the process of collecting old and used computer systems, carrying out the necessary repairs and selling them as operational units in the second-hand goods market. Asset recovery has acquired immense significance in recent years due to the awareness among people and organizations about the environmental impact of dumping used computer systems.

A recovered asset is one that is recovered, cleaned, repaired, and reused for its original purpose. Defective computers and components are sent to recovery firms where they are subsequently tested and inspected. Parts of the computer that are considered defective, worn, aged, or not suitable for proper operation are repaired or replaced. This improves the operation, quality, and consistency of the recovered computer systems.

Recovered assets are reconditioned electronic devices that are checked for initial defaults and repaired. This method automatically reduces the cost of these assets. Potential customers often decide to buy a recovered asset since it usually comes with a manufacturer?s guarantee and is considerably cheaper. Recovery firms provide spare parts, technical support, and services to aid in the functioning of recovered assets. They also allow for an exchange for another recovered asset, in case of failure during the warranty period. This makes it very similar to purchasing a new computer system while making it considerably less expensive.

Recovered assets can also be donated to different social welfare organizations such as the World Computer Exchange Program, the Computer School Program, and the National Christina Foundation. These organizations help the youth living in underdeveloped countries and provide computers for people with disabilities, students at risk, and economically disadvantaged persons. Donating recovered assets is beneficial for the environment and helps in spreading IT awareness among people who cannot afford to buy a computer.

Asset recovery needs to be done in a proper manner, as old and used computer parts contain harmful chemicals that can damage the environment and cause cancer in humans.

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