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Asset Management FAQs

Although asset management has been around for some time now, its popularity among industries has only been apparent in the last few years. People do have quite a number of questions regarding asset management especially if they are interested in employing the services of asset management companies.

What is asset management?

Asset management refers to the method that a company or a specialized asset management firm uses to track all fixed assets such as equipment, chairs, tables, computers and technology and even building which are owned by a company or an individual. The tracking of he physical location of these assets, the ways which can be used to manage these assets, and accounting for amortizations, depreciation values and future resale values of these assets are also part of asset management.

How can asset management be an affective financial tool?

Asset management makes it easier and more efficient to manage the assets owned by the company or the individual and looks into ways of investing these assets for added returns. Collective investment schemes, pension funds, private banking and wealth management are some of the ways which handle assets that make asset management more efficient and increase one's assets.

What are the processes involved in asset management?

Asset management involves a number of processes which are all designed to increase the productivity of companies or individuals. Asset management services include planning, procurement, accounting for daily operating costs through disposal; tracking physical location of these assets; and accounting tasks such as amortization and depreciation. Asset management also establishes contact with suppliers which make it easier for companies to contact these suppliers for service, warranties and replacement.

Why is asset management useful?

When one keeps track of important information regarding one's assets, assets may be properly accounted for, from whom these were purchased from; who uses these assets, where these assets are located, the suppliers to contact for support, and even lease expirations and the right disposal period may provide the basis for managing and optimizing the assets of the companies or the individuals.

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