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Advances in Asset Management Software

Asset management software has been around for some time now. The initial versions of asset management software applications were basic in terms of their functionality. The only function they were able to provide was to help create a list of assets with details of their purchase date and manufacturers. Slowly, improved versions of asset management software applications began to be introduced by various software product development companies.

Today asset management software applications have become quite sophisticated. The functionality offered has increased manifold to the extent that these applications have become complete asset management solutions. The present versions of asset management software applications not only help a company manage the purchase and maintenance of assets but also help in the creation of strategies and practices that result in cost reduction and enhanced productivity. They now track assets through the whole lifecycle of an asset, from the purchase until the asset is retired or the lease has ended.

Digital asset management software applications that help manage information technology assets have witnessed huge changes. These can now detect all the computers that are present on a network, verify the licensed copies of software applications installed on these computers and even control the computers on the network remotely. Some of these applications also have the capabilities of providing auto-alerts and notifications which instantly inform the respective department of changes to IT assets on the network. FootPrints Asset Management software for example, is able to run searches and reports to get metrics on current and historical asset information, which is broken down by hardware type, operating system, software manufacturer, among other things.

Given the pace at which technology is changing, it is not surprising that these applications have advanced so much. Even so it is sometimes incredible what these applications are capable of if used to their maximum potential.

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